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Mahmoud Hussein, Howell Animal Hospital, Howell, NJ 07731

Veterinarian at Howell Animal Hospital, Howell, NJ

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Mahmoud Hussein, DVM

This is Mahmoud Hussein, an animal lover and a veterinarian ever since 1992. I am married with three children, two boys and a girl. Throughout the years I have gained experience in many hospitals and places. I started as a large animal and equine veterinarian. I also worked in the poultry industry, did pharmaceutical work for Pfizer pharmaceutical, and I also worked also in a Zoo! It was fun to be around wild animals and happy people. Finally, I settled as a small animal veterinarian. I worked in multiple practices and specialty hospitals from Philadelphia, PA to New Jersey. I worked in a feline-only cat hospital in Fairlawn, NJ in 2004 and have been an Emergency vet. I was an associate in Hawthorn Animal Hospital until I opened my own practice, Howell Veterinary Clinic and Emergency, in 2005. It became Howell Animal Hospital in 2010.

Throughout the years working with animals and pets, I have learned that animals, just like humans, have feelings, emotions and senses. They love, hate, have ambitions--even dreams and hopes. You can say they are little people having their own community, language, communications and things, but we don’t understand their language but they understand ours.

Animals can express their love and gratitude by kissing, hugging and playing. Sometimes they are possessive and controlling; beware that they attack the strangers to protect their love ones. They live in a pack and if the owner won’t step up to be the leader the animal will step up and be the dominant member.

Believe it or not animals can revenge. From the stories that make you respect animals is an owner who used to humiliate and beat his camel. One day the camel broke into his house and bit his arm badly. Also, there are so many stories about devoted animals who sacrificed themselves for their owners, or did a miraculous rescue of babies who were going to die, or rescue the house from fire. These are all true stories I have heard from clients.

There is no bad animal but we misunderstand and mistreat them. Animals can read you from inside and because we are afraid of them we impose our fear onto them and muzzle the dogs and cats--they are afraid too. I rarely need to muzzle my patients for any procedure but I talk to the animal into it and they listen and sit still. The key is to be calm and gentle and consider them like your kids because they are one.

I love all kind of cats and dogs. My favorite breed is the Pit Bull, the big misunderstood dogs. They are not vicious but they protect their love ones. They are very low maintenance, rarely get sick but they are a big mush. The Shepherd is my big fan. I became a veterinarian because of Mitch, my first King Shepherd. He died at age of 10, but we bonded so much I can’t forget him and no one can replace my beloved friend. I tried to, but he was different. I still have his leash and collar, God rest his soul. Cats are the big mystery. I thought I’m a Dog person until worked in the Feline Practice. Cats are fascinating creatures, they will capture your heart until you can’t resist them. By the way, there is difference between a dog owner and a cat owner. Cat owners are always more organized, they watch the cat very closely, are more devoted to the cat, they answer all my questions right and precise. I‘m an all animal lover but I can’t forget those years I worked with horses and saw that Broken Arm Colt. Chocolate color with a very beautiful mane, long tail, small snout, big eyes—he was a beautiful creature.

God Bless all animal lovers and Pet Owners. Without them I would not enjoy my profession and be around animals. I would like to thank all my devoted and loyal clients who have trusted me throughout the years. I promise I won’t let you down and will do my best to safely keep your Pets in a good health, which is why I invest a lot in my practice and my education to try to always be on top of the fast growing technology. God bless you and thank you for visiting our website.

From the time I walked in, I felt very comfortable. The staff and doctors are wonderful, caring and very knowledgeable, and go over everything in great detail. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!!

Marinar, H