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Pet dentistry at Howell Animal Hospital in NJ

Dentistry for Dogs and Cats, Howell Animal Hospital

Dentistry for Dogs and Cats, Howell, NJ

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Dental Services

Dogs' and cats’ teeth are just like our teeth except for the fact that animals don’t eat sugar like we do. Their teeth can be a lot better than ours. Brushing an animal’s teeth is not just a groomer’s job once every six weeks; it should be done on a daily basis, otherwise food residue will accumulate in the animal’s mouth and form dental tartar. A dental pocket can form and then periodontal disease. The teeth will actually lose their attachment to the gums and then eventually need to be extracted. This causes a foul smell of the mouth which sometimes bleeds. The animal will also be unable to chew properly.

Dental disease is the most common illness encountered in veterinary medicine today and affects eight out of ten pets. Unfortunately, it’s the most untreated diseases as owners gets busy or think it’s just a cosmetic necessity.

We pay special care to the pet’s teeth since all the latest research finds that major sickness can be avoided in pets if we take care of their teeth. Do you know that dental tartar and dental pockets can cause kidney and liver failure? Do you know that infectious teeth can cause a skin infection? This happens due to the bacteria living in the teeth and cavities.

One in four pets over the age of three has some form of dental disease. Of all dogs and cats two years of age and older, 70-85% have some degree of periodontal disease. Apart from the cosmetic aspects, such as bad breath and unpleasant appearance, dental disease can be a leading cause of kidney, heart and liver failure due to bacteria entering the bloodstream. Pets can suffer from pain and have difficulty eating.

In our hospital we try to make it affordable to take care of dog and cat teeth. We offer a flat rate for dental cleanings with an ultrasonic scalar and polishing, including preoperative blood work, general anesthesia and monitoring under sedation.

If the animal needs an extraction or further treatment, you will be notified as to what should be finished.

Our prices for dental procedures are very affordable because healthy teeth are not just luxury, they’re a necessity!

Dr. Hussein is the best. He always goes over and above to give my pets the best care and always takes the time to speak with me and reassure me that my dogs will be okay. I have had dogs as pets my entire life and have experienced many different veterinarians; however, Dr Husseins work ethic is top notch. You can feel the love he has for every animal he comes in contact with and to speak on behalf of my dogs, he always makes their visit as positive and comfortable as possible. He also has a great staff that compliment his practice as well. He is definitely the best vet in town and he always takes such good care of my dogs as if they were his own. Amy Baird

amyb, HOWELL