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Do you have a pet that vomits three to four times a week, or has loose stools all the time or most of the time?

Do you have a young animal that leaks urine or pee in the house?

Are you frustrated from chronic ear infections where once you stop the medicine, the infection comes back?

Have you tried so many veterinarians and the same medicine has been given without a definitive diagnosis or plan of treatment?

Some cases like this live in a grey zone area, meaning that without a definitive diagnosis or hypothetical diagnosis (guessing), the treatment plan will have a 50/50 chance of working. The question remains (for how long?) and if there is a cure to the condition or not?

Endoscopy might be the solution for all these cases and more. It can give you peace of mind as to what is going on, so there is no need for guessing or treating blindly (aiming strategy).

Video endoscopy is a tiny high definition camera attached to a cable and introduced into animals’ orifices like the mouth for upper endoscopy (gastro intestinal tract) or into the anal opening for colonoscopy, or the nostrils for rhinoscopy, in the urethra (urine pathway) for cystoscopy, also in the trachea for bronchoscopy, and ears for chronic middle ear infection.

It can also be minimally invasive to reach the inside of the abdomen through a laparoscopy in order to reach the liver, kidney, gall bladder, pancreas and even do a surgical procedure like spaying an animal.

Endoscopy can be introduced into the joints for an arthroscopy to definitively diagnose and treat some congenital conditions like (elbow dysplasia, torn knee meniscus, joint mice, etc.).

What does an endoscopy entail?

The animal spends a half a day in our hospital. Preparation is needed before the procedure takes place. The bowel needs to be emptied by using laxatives. After this, the pet will go under anesthesia (sevoflorine human anesthetic). Then the animal will be scoped. Pictures are taken of the examined organ and biopsy samples are collected (small tiny bites from the walls of the organ) and submitted it to the laboratory for analysis in order to make a diagnosis.


  • Middle ear infections, aural (ear) tumors, polyps
  • Esophageal ulcers, inflammation and narrowing (strictures)
  • Stomach ulcers, tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, hypomotelity, retrieving foreign bodies
  • Colonoscopy (inflammation, polyps, tumors, diverticulum, inflammatory bowel diseases, bacterial over growth)
  • Arthroscopy (elbow dysplasia, joint mice, torn knee meniscus removal, arthritis etc.)
  • And a lot more

The average cost for the endoscopy is $1500-2000, and sometimes more. At our practice we perform endoscopies to our clients at a very affordable price so it won’t be a cost prohibitive and everybody can benefit from such essential service. If you have, or think you have one of these cases you can schedule your appointment today and find out what is your pet suffering from.

We always have a great experience in the office. The doctor always answers our questions or concerns. The staff is wonderful with our pup. Prices very reasonable. We are extremely happy.

soniah, Manalapan