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Laser therapy at Howell Animal Hospital in NJ

Therapeutic Laser for Pets, Howell Animal Hospital

Laser Therapy for Pets, Howell, NJ

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Laser Therapy

Like you, we think of our pets as family. That’s why it can be so difficult to see them in pain or being given a poor prognosis. We are here to give you hope and to deter you from giving up. We have helped hundreds of pets like yours, suffering from back pain, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, disk disease, and many pet-related problems. When you visit us, your pet will be carefully evaluated to ensure we are offering the most suitable therapy for your pet’s challenges. A surgery free, drug free, noninvasive treatment to REDUCE pain, inflammation and SPEED healing.

How does this work? This procedure uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called "photo-bio-modulation" which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and increased healing speed. The acute conditions we can help with this new technique are wounds, allergies, infections, cuts/bites, inflammations, tooth extraction pain relief, sprains, strains and fractures, post-surgical healing and pain relief. The chronic conditions we can help are degenerative joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, periodontal disease, lick granulomas, geriatric care, hip dysplasia, feline acne, tendonitis, arthritis and more...

A must for any dog suffering from arthritis, it started eight years ago with a need to find help for a beloved pet... today we continue to use non invasive, non-surgical therapies to allow pets to heal and regain a good quality of life. These practices are used alongside physical rehabilitation to continue to strengthen and heal your pet’s muscular and skeletal system.

From the time I walked in, I felt very comfortable. The staff and doctors are wonderful, caring and very knowledgeable, and go over everything in great detail. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!!

Marinar, H