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Laser surgery at Howell Animal Hospital in NJ

Howell Animal Hospital Performs Surgery for your dog and cat

Spay, Neuter and Cat Declawing Surgery

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Surgical Laser

We use a carbon dioxide laser surgery machine which can be used in most surgical procedures. Surgical lasers use intense light beams to evaporate cells and seal nerve endings and blood vessels which can help reduce pain, swelling and bleeding. Surgical lasers have proven valuable for declawing, tumor removal, and ear ablations, oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal surgeries where bleeding, swelling have become problematic. Please ask for more information from the staff or the doctor about laser surgery.

Dr. Hussein is the best. He always goes over and above to give my pets the best care and always takes the time to speak with me and reassure me that my dogs will be okay. I have had dogs as pets my entire life and have experienced many different veterinarians; however, Dr Husseins work ethic is top notch. You can feel the love he has for every animal he comes in contact with and to speak on behalf of my dogs, he always makes their visit as positive and comfortable as possible. He also has a great staff that compliment his practice as well. He is definitely the best vet in town and he always takes such good care of my dogs as if they were his own. Amy Baird

amyb, HOWELL