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Wellness Medicine

The Importance of Biannual Exams

We would always prefer to practice preventative care as much as possible. We suggest yearly physical examinations and always attempt to educate clients so they can make informed decisions regarding their particular pet’s needs. We also ensure that recommended preventative measures such as heartworm prevention and flea control are easily available as well as the best in pet nutritional information.

We have a special interest in senior pet medicine and tailor programs and recommendations to evaluate your own pet’s needs. Our wellness program starts with a yearly physical exam, a vaccination protocol, and fecal and heartworm testing.

Be aware that the pet’s life span is shorter than our lives, and one year of ours equals seven years of a dog’s life, so dogs get older faster. Sometimes it is too late to save the pet, so we encourage senior pet owners to schedule a biannual physical exam. We also encourage an annual blood work/organ function test and radiographs needed for early detection of various medical conditions, rather than get surprised with a late or advanced devastating disease diagnosis.

Senior wellness program: starts at eight years of age in large breed dogs, and ten years of age in small breed dogs and cats. The program includes (physical examination, blood pressure, fecal test, otic cytology, ophthalmic, blood work (CBC, chemistry, urinalysis). In cats, we check their thyroid profile and two views of radiographs chest and abdomen.

I love they way we are treated at this office...we are very pleased with the services our dog has received..Im grateful for the way all of the personnel are pleasant and show much love to the animals in the office..